☮kayla ● 21 ● leo ● canadian ● mommy☮

✝dedicated mommy to 2 babes ✶nursing aid ✶full of vulgarity ✶ enjoys hot baths✝

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alwysdrunk said: I literally just got home from work so i feel your pain on the night shift. AND HAPPY FUXIN BIRTHDAY I KNOW ITS LATE SORRY

d’aw I love you
night shifts fuckin blow

you guys should send me msgs n shit cause I still have an hour and a half left in this night shift and I’m sleepy and bored

ps ya’ll missed my birthday bitches thanks for remembering


missing people who treated you like garbage is very strange and dumb 

I look for you in everyone



until my hand hurts

i posted this like 2 days ago and i dont understand why this got notes

wildflower fields

I crave you and I fucking hate it